4 Reasons To Ask For Market Research Consulting Services

22 March 2021
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Market research consulting firms can place a lot of talent and resources at the disposal of their clients. If you're not sure whether marketing research consulting services are the right choice for your organization, here are four reasons to consider them.

Establishing Parameters

Without a strong analytic base in place, you'll likely struggle to get your marketing research rolling. A consulting team can help you assess what criteria to look at and how to obtain the required data for analysis. They also can look at information sources to see what's readily available from third-party vendors and what you may need to develop on your own.


Doing research is all about the process. It's one thing to compile a bunch of data, but what makes it useful or even valid? Marketing research consulting services providers use processes to assure that a project's inputs and outputs are both high-quality. This means making sure that appropriate statistical methods are used while taking in data. It also means selecting the right way to produce insights from the research.

Most people in market research consulting have established processes. This will allow you to filter through the available data faster since you won't have to develop your methods.


Statistically grounded research works best when you minimize biases. To take a fact-based approach, it's important to have some independence from both the data and the desired insights. Otherwise, there's a risk that an interested party might consciously or unconsciously skew the outputs.

With the support of a third party, you can rest assured that your research will be independent. Not only does this benefit the research process, but it makes your results more marketable. After all, you can affirm that any data you might use in marketing copy is from an independent consultant.


Particularly when a marketing effort may be complex, it's a good idea to have significant resources available. A marketing research consulting services company can handle several tracks at the same time. For example, you might want to focus group specific aspects of a product while also doing surveys to study how certain demographics respond to general brand appeals.

A consulting team can also help you bring disparate branches of research together. You might need to decide, for example, whether to sell a product as a brand in its own right or under the aegis of a bigger brand. A consultant can help you assess what different research efforts show regarding this issue.