Coherence And Brand Design

22 March 2016
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The opportunities for advertising have expanded over recent years. It used to be that you could use mailers, door hangers, and print ads to reach a wide audience. In which case, a good letterhead might be all that you need. However, companies now face the need to create a coherent ad campaign over different electronic media. This is where it becomes important to make sure your brand is recognizable no matter what the circumstances.

The Challenges of Mixed Media

Different operating systems, browsers, and modems can effect the way an electronic page presents itself. If a potential consumer has a bad experience in loading or viewing a page, it can translate to a bad impression of your product. Furthermore, you need to make sure that whether your logo or ads appear in paper media, on the television, or on the internet, they are recognizable and consistent. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of web design, print design, photo-shopping, and other media that will be used to make your ads. Depending on the scope of your campaign, you may or may not need help in creating a coherent design. 

How to Create an Approach to a Mixed-Media Ad Campaign

As a start-up company, you will likely start with a small ad-campaign, but the bigger you want to grow your company, the bigger the need to market over mixed media. You might be tempted to make as much of your ads as you can on your own, but rather than try to make things work with your limited abilities and/or learn web design, programming, shooting videos, and so on, you should trust the work to a design agency. If you are worried about the cost of launching a massive ad campaign, you should be able to work with the ad company to create phases. You can then pay for expanding your ad campaign as the need for expansion arises. 

Coherence is just one component of a successful ad campaign. To learn how to handle making a multi-media campaign coherent can take time, and learning all the other intricacies of making an ad campaign takes even more time. While printing out a few flyers or door hangers should be something that most computer-literate people can handle, it is important to know your limitations. Hiring an experienced design agency to handle your ad campaign is an expense that a growing business should find a way to handle in order to keep growing.